What is the correct way to wear a surgical mask?


Now the hospital is full of people hanging salt water, injured, urine test, the corridor, the air is really not very good. A lot of people are wearing masks. Now let's me introduce it.

If you go to the hospital on Sunday, there is full of people. It can be seen that people hanging saltwater, injured, urinalysis, and the halls and hallways. The air isn't so good anymore. I saw a lot of people wearing masks at the hospital but they wears the mask reverse. The following is the online collation wears the mask method:

The disposable masks we buy at the pharmacy is a general surgical mask. It has two sides the blue one facing out, the lighter side facing in then pressed against our face.

The main points to note when wearing mask :

1. Mask has white and blue sides and the white side facing in our face and the blue side facing outside. Tie the two straps around the back of the neck and bring the lower edge of the mask to the base of the chin.

2. Pulling up the top band of the mask and covering the nose and mouth. Pull the top two bands behind the ears and over the head not over the ears.

3. Press the wire at the top of the nose with the index finger of both hands to make it close to the skin of the nose, then move the index finger to the sides gradually so that the entire mask is close to the skin of the face.

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